24 September 2010

Paradigm Percheron Changes Direction

The world of the big horse has had many challenges of late.  Early this year Janice and I came to a painful decision to change our program and work with older reputation horses that were becoming available.

On Saturday morning, 01 May 2010, we flew home from Ottawa late enough to miss the big Alberta snow storm but just in time to see our filly foal be the high seller in the Wild Rose Draft Horse Sale in Olds, Alberta.

Mr. Roy's comments about the filly tell it best:

The sale high, Paramount Major’s Mist, was a Percheron filly, foaled in 2008. Consigned by Larry and Janice Evans, Paradigm Corporation at Crossfield; she was bred by Dr. David Bailey, Paramount Percherons of Calgary. The buyer, Joe Rickett, Jackson Fork Ranch of Bondurant, WY, the founder of Ameritrade and owner of the Chicago Cubs, paid $5,200 for the exciting, black female. A last daughter of the Texas-bred sire, Lone Star Delreo Major, her dam, Paramount Avalon Mist, is by Shananagn Dragoneer. This filly has a future in America.

You can see the entire article in Horses All 

We are going to miss working with Colleen and Brian Coleman who fitted, trained and presented the filly for sale.  We have much to thank them for: The opportunity that Lisa and I had at their driving school in Olds; The patience they had for Janice and I as we learned the business; and, the introductions they provided to others in this industry.  We really have met some quality people.

While interest in shows is steady, other factors are challenging the heavy horse industry.  Against this backdrop, Paradigm saw an opportunity to provide reputation Percheron mares with a good retirement and brand clients with a constant supply of marketing content for internet and social media programs.

As we move forward with our new program we are pleased with our puchase of two mares from Paramount Percherons.  Margarita and Cassie have been on the ranch in Paramount's brood mare program, but are now pulling Paradigm's new Pioneer 3 Ton Classic Wagon.

Just like these mares, each horse we choose for this program will come from a reputation breeding program and blood lines that have history and a story to tell.  Modern technology will deliver the story of their performance history, their selection, their entrance to the program and their journey through each life episode at ThunderRidge Ranch.  We expect the 2011 Paradigm program will feature five registered Percheron mares.

In addition, ThunderRidge has client horses in supervised programs from other breeders.  All of this activity is featured in the story telling provided to Paradigm Percheron clients.

Paradigm staff are recruited featuring where possible those that have invested in the draft horse business for generations.  Paradigm talent [drovers, event managers and speakers] have reputations that allows them to work and speak with authority.

This selection of good horses and great human resources brings together a potent team, to which Paradigm adds the best resources, training in public relations and regular exercises so the whole team is ready to deliver on the commitment to our clients.

It may take some time, but this amalgamation of professional and personal interests to create a 'reputation' program should be a great ride!

21 September 2010

Public appearances of the Paradigm Percherons

The local community parade is still one of the feature attractions of many community events.  Often times a service club or agricultural society is responsible for inviting participation in these events and a breakfast or BBQ is involved.  Paradigm welcomes the opportunity to be involved and to provide recognition for local brand clients at these events. 

An early start is mandatory.  Paradigm staff meet the crowd who traditionally show interest in watching the decorating, harnessing and hitching of the horses.  Paradigm staff enjoy the opportunity to visit with the crowd and bring forward a positive message for agriculture, Percheron horses 
and western heritage as well as sponsor messaging.  Client support for VIP's can be integrated with some of these appearances as well. If possible and convenient, the Paradigm staff may arrange to provide a Heritage Appreciation Ride for senior residents in local facilities after the parade is delivered.  Images and stories from the event are added to the online areas and local media are provided with contrent for their use so that  brand value in the local area is enhanced.

It is possible to incorporate, staff ride-a-longs, client loyalty programs and even junior education/achievement programs into some of these appearances.  Paradigm staff work to ensure that the client brand is presented positively, respectfully and with sensitivity to the clients, prospective clients and communities where your brand lives.

When appropriate, Paradigm attempts to win the hitch category and prize money of these events parades.  The ribbons remain the property of Paradigm but can be displayed for a period of time by the brand client or an affiliate.  Prize money is donated to a worthy community cause jointly in the name of the client and Paradigm.

A public appearance of the Paradigm Percherons may be something you would like to consider - Contact 403.921.5900

20 September 2010

What Paradigm provides its clients

Paradigm provides a vehicle that augments client brand value programs by leveraging ‘real world’ horse activities to develop stories and images that keep the client customers and prospective customers returning to the online [virtual] community we build. The return on investment is measured by metrics that brand clients may already measure and some they may not. Specifically brand clients can expect the following deliverables:
  1. Increased interest from prospective customers who do not know the  brand or branded services
  2. Increased interest in the brand from existing customers
  3. Increased levels of public trust and consumer confidence
  4. Increased levels of goodwill with staff, vendors and affiliates
  5. Richer, deeper brand experience with the history and majesty of the Percheron
  6. Increased levels of brand loyalty
  7. Access to a broader range of opportunities for promoting brand services

The images and story lines of the Paradigm Percherons feature the following themes:


Paradigm clients are provided with content to build their online community and increased access to potential customers in the 'real-world' communities where their brand lives. 
Contact Paradigm if you would like to discuss a Percheron program for your brand 403.921.5900

19 September 2010

Why Paradigm is focused on the Percheron

My first memory of a horse is 'Mac', a big old draft horse on Grandpa Evans farm.  Mac pulled the stoneboat through the stable to pick up the cow manure and he gave me hours of 'riding' pleasure in the orchard.  Mac made it so that since I was a small boy, the sight of a big draft horse brought a sense of excitement.

Over the years the black and grey Percheron horse captured my attention and as I began to dream of a day when I might once again have draft horses around me it was these horses I thought of most.  Finally in 2007, Janice and I were in a position to look at alternatives and we began to investigate draft horses.  Bringing Percherons back to the Crossfield property also seemed right because it continued a tradition of using Percherons started by Ron James and his family.

Although the Percheron draft horse comes from the Perche Valley area of northern France where it was developed for military and agricultural activities, in 1909, the Percheron became entwined with the history of Alberta. George Lane, one of the founding fathers and early an entrepreneur in this province, brought the Percheron breed to the Bar U Ranch south of Longview Alberta. From this location, Lane and his colleagues developed the largest herd of Percheron mares in the world and established a program that delivered genetics and draft horses to fuel agriculture and industrial development across North America.

Lane also helped establish programs to recognize the Percheron draft horse in agriculture and industry. These programs eventually culminated in the formation of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. It is noteworthy that the Percheron horse has been continuously exhibited in Calgary for more than 100 years.

It was at the 2008 Calgary Stampede that Janice and I connected with Dr. David Bailey, of Paramount Percherons.  David was looking for additional pasture for his brood mares and that is how Paradigm first became connected with Percheron horses.

Today, the arrival of a black or gray Percheron team in the arena or parade still engenders a high level of excitement and a positive emotional response from virtually every demographic. Recent market research conducted for the Calgary Stampede shows the ‘big’ horses have one of the highest interest ratings of any attraction. In the past, marketing opportunities involving the big horses were limited to signage on a show wagon or the side of the Horse Pull team and only the largest and most capable brand holders could consider taking a hitch on the road.  In fact, during the past decade, the relationship between cost and the brand value [visual impressions] generated  by these programs has become less and less appealing.

The developing requirement for a compelling Internet presence has cast new light upon this situation. Now Paradigm can provide  subject matter expertise and innovative methods to harness the positive emotional energy and history of Percheron horses for a brand so the Internet presence of each client is strengthened and the brand equity is sustained both now and in the future.

This is why Paradigm is focused on the Percheron.